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Mashburn Schmidt

Certified Genealogist®

Rus Schmidt


Yvonne is a native Georgian who grew up in the foothills of the north Georgia mountains in Bartow County, GA. After retirement, she decided to pursue a more formal education in genealogy which had been her hobby. She holds Boston University's Certificate of Genealogical Research and the Certified Genealogist credential awarded by the Board for Certification of Genealogists®.

Her interest in genealogy was peaked when she asked her "Bigmama" (grandmother) in the 1980s about her great-grandparents. Her grandmother provided names but refused to provide details and told Yvonne she "didn't need to know anything more." Genetic Genealogy and a silenced family story provided the details her Bigmama didn't want to reveal. Genetic Genealogy has become her passion.

She worked with the Bartow History Museum and Archives in Cartersville, Ga., to assess their vertical file records and the historical and genealogical value of the information they contained. The assessment was included as part of a grant application for the Competitive Digitization Grant offered by the Digital Library of Georgia. The grant application was successful and was awarded in August 2019, to the Museum and Archives. Going forward, the written assessment will be used as an example for future grant applications. Read more about the awarded grant here:

In 2020, she was named one of Bartow's Most Notable Women, an honor given to a group of women "who have made an impact on Bartow County and beyond dating back to the early 1800s through the present."

She is heavily involved in the research group to document her Morris and Pearce ancestors.

She and Rus own The Georgia Genealogist, Inc. They reside in south-central Georgia, surrounded by descendants, gnats, and critters.

Emilie Mulkey


Rus is a retired school administrator and educator. He earned a Bachelor of Science from Murray State University with majors in English and History and a Minor in Art. He holds a M.Ed from the University of Montevallo with a Major in Secondary Education and Minor in Educational Leadership and Art. Additionally, he completed work toward a Doctorate (ABD) in Educational Administration and Planning at the University of Alabama. Rus became interested in genealogy after he retired and made the decision to join Yvonne in her work with the US Army.

Lori Cook-Folger

Certified Genealogist®

Lori is the owner of Southern Genealogist, llc. and has been researching since 1984. An old photograph where someone had written on the back, “Remember me–tho my face you can not see,” spurred her interest. Lori wanted to know who the woman was, and she wanted to remember her! Lori loves to piece together the details that make up a person’s life. All of our ancestors left clues to their everyday life in the records and photos they created.

Lori holds the Certified Genealogist® (CG) credential. Her background is in Southern research and some Midwest research. Lori's company and Yvonne's & Rus's company partner to work with the US Army PCRB'S Military Repatriation Project.

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Emma Grace

Chart Master

Emilie has a BSBA in Strategy and Innovation from Georgia Tech. She graduated in 2020 with dual majors in International Affairs with a concentration in European Affairs and the Transatlantic Relationship. She worked with us during her college years and will continue on a part-time basis working Military cases. In her spare time, she is working toward a formal genealogy education and has a special interest in working with Genetic Genealogy as it relates to identifying John and Jane Does. She hopes to be able to contribute to law enforcement efforts in this capacity. She is Yvonne's granddaughter. 

Emma Grace "EG" is in the top 1% of her class at Vidalia High School. She has worked on her family tree and creates the Lucid Charts for our Military Repatriation cases. She hopes to pursue a degree in the medical field after high school graduation. She is Yvonne's granddaughter.

suspicious secretary in white shirt did

Composition Tune-Up Person

When available, Sarah is our proof reader. She has a M.Ed. in middle grades education and will assume the Media Specialist position at the local middle school next year. She is Yvonne's daughter-in-law and makes great green bean casseroles. When Sarah is not at school or an activity with the kids, you will find her caring for her egg-laying and meat chickens, rooster, and garden. The rumor is that we should all be expecting a dairy cow to be added to the growing number of farm animals.