We can analyze your DNA results.

Yvonne's field of focus is the use of DNA with traditional genealogy. DNA analysis can be crucial to research projects that have a goal to identify unknown ancestors or crumble brick walls. As a genealogy tool, DNA testing has become invaluable.

If you are interested in how DNA results can be used to crumble brick walls, please read the case study Yvonne just finished. DNA results were used and crumbled brick walls for 8! lineages. (The page takes a few seconds to open.)


We can write a family narrative for your lineage. We do the research, so your family story will be evidence-based and accurate. Your ancestors' lives are placed in a historical context, so you understand better why they made the decisions they made. Family narratives make great gifts.


​​We conduct research in all Georgia counties for ancestors who resided here from statehood (1788)-20th century. Our specialty is brick walls and identifying unknown ancestors. We do have some experience with Alabama research from statehood (1819) through the 20th century.

Photo courtesy: Wellborn, Carlton, Orange Green, and William Hoogland. Map of the state of Georgia, drawn from actual surveys and the most authentic information. [S.l.: s.n, 1830] Map.


Our fee is $130/hour and includes DNA analysis if you would like to incorporate DNA results with your project. A minimum of 20 hours is required for each project. Even though every project differs, brick walls routinely require more than 20 hours. We never know what records our ancestors left and how long it will take to find them if they exist. DNA analysis is laborious and generally will require more than 20 hours if included with a traditional research project. The fee of $2600 is required in advance, and all costs, such as certificate orders - if any have been incurred, are payable when invoiced.





If you are interested in discussing your genealogy project, please drop us an email here with details of your project and your goals. We work with our clients to review prior research for accuracy and to identify gaps that might exist. We explain the process if you have questions. We understand customer service, and one of our goals is to communicate regularly with you during your project. 

Long-term projects can be conducted in phases that meet the needs of the client. Formal written agreements are required for all research projects to be sure both parties understand expectations during the project. Any changes to the agreement must be made in writing and agreed to by both parties.

As a reminder, during Covid-19 many state archives and repositories are either closed or have limited or by-appointment-only hours. These restrictions tend to make on-site research at some difficult if not impossible. We work with clients to find satisfactory resolutions for these current issues.

If you have questions, please ask. We respond promptly to all inquiries.

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