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We conduct research in all Georgia counties and the deep south states for ancestors who resided here from statehood (1788)-20th century. Georgia research can be difficult for researchers unfamiliar with Georgia's genealogical challenges and how to overcome them.

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Our team provides Forensic Genealogical research for probate cases, estate settlements, and other matters with legal implications. We conduct research in all Georgia counties. Deliverables include court-ready reports, family tree charts, and Affidavits of Due Diligence. We are also available for expert disinterested witness testimony.


We maintain E & O liability coverage.

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We tackle complex problems and brick walls using specific and proven methodologies that can help resolve them. If you need help identifying that elusive ancestor or resolving "same-name" identity problems, email us.

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DNA analysis can be crucial to research projects that have a goal to identify unknown ancestors, biological parents, or to crumble brick walls. DNA analysis is complicated. It is imperative that conclusions are accurate. We can analyze your DNA results and use them to help resolve your research question. 

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