Genetic Genealogy


My field of focus is the use of DNA with traditional genealogy. DNA analysis can be crucial to research projects that have a goal to identify unknown ancestors or crumble brick walls. As a genealogy tool, DNA testing has become invaluable.

Georgia Research


I conduct research in all Georgia counties for ancestors who resided here from statehood (1788)-20th century. My specialty is brick walls and identifying unknown ancestors. I do have some experience with Alabama research from statehood (1819) through the 20th century. Courtesy: Wellborn, Carlton, Orange Green, and William Hoogland. Map of the state of Georgia, drawn from actual surveys and the most authentic information. [S.l.: s.n, 1830] Map.

Military Repatriation


I partner with Lori Cook-Folger of Southern Genealogist, LLC. as a contract genealogist  for the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency & the U.S. Army Past Conflicts Repatriations Branch to ID and locate Next of Kin and DNA-eligible family members of our nation's unaccounted-for soldiers.

If I have left a message or voice mail for you, please return my call. It's important.



I am available for presentations across Georgia. Generally, I present for libraries, genealogical and historical societies, and veteran groups. Subject matter can be tailored to your group. Please contact me for topics, available dates, and fees.

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