Genetic Genealogy


My field of focus is the use of DNA with traditional genealogy. DNA analysis can be crucial to research projects that have a goal to identify unknown ancestors or crumble brick walls. As a genealogy tool, DNA testing has become invaluable.

Georgia Research


I conduct research in all Georgia counties for ancestors who resided here from statehood (1788)-20th century. My specialty is brick walls and identifying unknown ancestors. I do have some experience with Alabama research from statehood (1819) through the 20th century.


Photo courtesy: Wellborn, Carlton, Orange Green, and William Hoogland. Map of the state of Georgia, drawn from actual surveys and the most authentic information. [S.l.: s.n, 1830] Map.

Military Repatriation


I partner with Lori Cook-Folger of Southern Genealogist, LLC. as a contract genealogist  for the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency & the U.S. Army Past Conflicts Repatriations Branch to ID and locate Next of Kin and DNA-eligible family members of our nation's unaccounted-for soldiers.

If I have left a message or voice mail for you, please return my call. It's important.



I am available for presentations across Georgia. Generally, I present for libraries, genealogical and historical societies, and veteran groups. Subject matter can be tailored to your group. Please contact me for topics, available dates, and fees.

I also provide The Annie Grant for genealogical education funding for Georgia genealogical groups and societies, libraries, and other field-related organizations. 



My fee is $130/hour and includes DNA analysis. A minimum of 20 hours is required for each project, with half of the fee to be paid as retainer and the balance due before the client report is supplied to the client. Formal written agreements are required for all research projects to be sure both parties understand expectations during the project. 

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