• Genetic Genealogy
    DNA Analysis

    DNA analysis can be crucial to a research project. Properly analyzed DNA results can be used as supporting evidence of proof.

  • Georgia

    Research conducted in all Georgia counties for 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th-century families & ancestral lines.

  • Presentations

    Available for methodology and DNA presentations and workshops across Georgia and in the South Carolina Low Country. Please email for information and available dates.

  • Military
    US Army PCRB

    Contract genealogist with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, US Army PCRB to ID and locate of Next of Kin and living DNA-eligible family for unaccounted-for soldiers.



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       Southern California Genealogical Society Family History & DNA Conference, 2014

  • "Writing Logical Proof Arguments" - Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research, 2014

  • Certificate of Genealogical Research - Boston University, 2013


Community​​ Involvement

  • Past FamilySearch.org Family History Center Director

  • Published author

  • DNA Study Groups

  • Presentations - Including Archives, Libraries, Historical Societies, Genealogical Societies, DAR, SAR, Veterans groups

  • Bartow Library System (Cartersville, GA) partner

  • Ladson Genealogical Library

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