Believe in the Easter Bunny and yourselves

For Emily, KatieBug, and EG...

Yes, girls, I do believe there is an Easter Bunny.

It was Easter Sunday. When I woke up the sunshine was pouring through the window in my mama and daddy's bedroom, where I slept. I was afraid to sleep in my own room because you know...the booger bears under the bed thingie. My Easter basket was on the bed. I can't remember what prompted me to run outside...probably something my mama or daddy said about the Easter Bunny visiting.

It had rained the night before. Outside, underneath the window of the bedroom in the dirt were paw prints. Real bunny paw prints! I saw them with my own eyes. So you see, girls, I still believe there's an Easter Bunny. Nothing you say will convince me otherwise.

Always believe in the Easter Bunny...and yourselves.

And remember, your Gam believes in both.