Assisting In Identifying
& Locating Next of Kin & DNA-eligible family members of
our Nation's unaccounted-for Heroes

We partner with Lori Cook-Folger at Southern Genealogist, LLC and work with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency & the U.S. Army Past Conflicts Repatriations Branch to ID and locate Next of Kin and DNA-eligible family members of our Nation's unaccounted-for soldiers.


0:00 - Introduction

1:48 - Part 1 w/ Dr. Tim McMahon

2:30 Application of DNA in Forensics

5:33DNA Databases

7:54 Identifying Bones With DNA

10:08Magnetizing DNA

12:20Leaders in DNA

19:01Mitochondrial DNA vs Nuclear DNA

20:52Neanderthal DNA

23:39Part 2 w/ Dr. Franklin Damann

24:17Repatriating Victims of Pearl Harbor

29:55Identifying Missing Soldiers 33:18 Returning The Dead

35:48 - Best Environments for Preserving Bodies

38:21 - Best Material for Identification

40:38 - Brain Games

41:55 - Identification Processes

45:41 - The CSI Effect

46:26 - AI & Identification

53:18 - The Future of DNA Identification

57:47 - Closing Notes

Identifying the Unknown Soldier

How does the DPAA identify human remains?

How do you collect and process DNA for identification?

What kind of DNA does the DPAA use?

Find out how they process the remains aboard the USS Oklahoma.


How do you sift through so many commingled bones?


We discuss exhuming remains and what this project has done for the families of these missing soldiers.


Is there any other valuable information learned from these identifications?


What is the best environment for recovery?


How big of a sample do you need to get enough DNA for identification?

How many missing and unidentified soldiers are there?


How is artificial intelligence used to help identification?


How do you identify 13,000 individual bones?

Helpful Links for Families of Soldiers

If you have been contacted by us and need to ask about or offer additional information, please use the contact information we left in our message to you, or send an email message using the contact form on this site. Please reference the name of the soldier.


If you or any member of your family is concerned about the validity of our phone call, please call the toll-free number below to verify our identity and the reason for our call to you.

Department of the Army 
Past Conflicts AHRC-PDC-R 
1600 Spearhead Div. Ave, Dept. 450 
Fort Knox, KY 40122-5405 
(800) 892-2490*


*Covid-19 has resulted in case managers working from home. You will have to leave a message (including the soldier's name and case number) at this number, and a case manager will return your call. 

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