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"DNA Justice is a 501(c)3 non-profit DNA database built to assist law enforcement agencies in the identification of unidentified human remains and perpetrators of violent crimes, such as homicides or sexual assaults."


"Your DNA could be the key."


"Every person that contributes their DNA to the DNA Justice Database helps our mission of aiding law enforcement in identifying perpetrators of violent crimes, and unidentified remains.

Your DNA could help a family get the answers they've been seeking."


"The DNA Doe Project works to identify unnamed deceased persons who have sometimes waited decades to be returned to their families. The power of our organization lies with the over 60 experienced genetic genealogists who donate their time, skills, and passion to our cause.  Some of our cases are solved quickly; others may take years of detective work. The DNA Doe Project does not give up on anyone. 

"We raise funds to provide the supervision, tools, and infrastructure our volunteers need to do their work, and to cover the expensive lab costs involved in extracting and sequencing DNA from remains whenever a qualifying agency is unable to afford them. 

"We are deeply appreciative of the generous donors who support our simple but profound mission."

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