The Annie Grant is made available to honor Yvonne's 4th Great Grandmother Annie Jane Gordon Morris Pruitt Lett (abt. 1812-1917).  She was the daughter of James Morris and Nancy Pearce from Jackson and Floyd Counties, Georgia, and Calhoun County, Alabama. Her father was a War of 1812 soldier and her maternal grandfather Gadwell Pearce was a Revolutionary War soldier.


Annie's family and their ancestral lines were deeply embedded in the rural south. These families and ancestors can be difficult to identify because of extensive record losses and few created records for non-landowning, impoverished, uneducated farm families. These problems and laws during these early generations made southern females virtually socially and economically invisible. Annie's story encompasses all of these issues. Yvonne was able to identify Annie's family in spite of these challenges, because of her genealogical education.

The Annie Grant will be awarded to genealogical and historical societies, libraries, and other field-associated organizations throughout the state of Georgia to help provide these organizations better access to quality educational programs that might not otherwise be available because of funding issues.

Generally, these opportunities consist of engaging well-known genealogical and historical speakers who present a variety of genealogical educational opportunities via webinars, presentations, and classes to the memberships of these organizations. Application for these grant funds can be made by downloading and completing the application below and emailing it to Yvonne. Each grant award is $300. Each organization is limited to one Annie Grant award per calendar year. The number of grants awarded throughout the calendar year will be at the discretion of the grantor.


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